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The subject of memory is one of the themes discussed in a literature class I attended in college years ago. To be honest, I didn’t have a complete grasp of the topic.

Now, I’ve just read an article  about the discovery of a drug that can erase memories, ala “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.”

What interested me more was the discussion on memory–how it is stored in the brain, what happens when we access it, how reliable (or unreliable) memory is. Lit class suddenly made a whole lot of sense.

The article said events are not imprinted in the brain as a single unit. What we heard are filed in the auditory cortex. Just like what we saw in the same event are stored in the visual cortex and so on. Even how we felt makes a difference on where it will be stored. Example, negative feelings are kept in the amygdala.

When we recall the event, a network  of brain cells are “reconsolidated, rewritten, remade” to recreate what happened. Every time we access a memory, our brains are actually rewired.

“The science of reconsolidation suggests that the memory is less stable and trustworthy than it appears.”

In analogy, the article said a memory is not like a movie that you can replay with the permanent details, but more like a theater play that has subtle differences every time its performed.

Read the full article of Jonah Lehrer, “The Forgetting Pill Erases Painful Memories Forever,” here.



Cebu 2012: Day 4

Nothing here really but our flight home.

We were hoping to catch a glimpse of sunrise while on the plane but we arrived early.

I’ll post photos of the guitar and the framed butterflies we bought from stalls in Mactan.

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Cebu 2012: Day 3 Part 2

We went to Hadsan Resort with hopes of taking beach sunset pictures. We were disappointed. The place was not that great and the sun set the other way. We just made do with it, smiled and clicked!

Then we swam at Bahia Resort where we were staying. P1,800/night for six people.  It only has saltwater swimming pools.

For dinner, it was a toss between ordering from the resort restaurant or going out to Maribago Grill. Going out won and we were all happy. The food was great! Maribago Shake was the star of the night, mango shake topped with ube ice cream.

We went back to Bahia and everyone was snoring in no time. Early flight tomorrow.

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Cebu 2012: Day 3 Part 1

We all got ready at 10 a.m. and walked to the nearby Shamrock pasalubong center. Cheese stick, chicharon, otap, piyaya, and dried mangoes. We have already bought danggit through Ella’s on-the-job trainee.

We packed up our things and headed for Mactan. We dropped by Alegre Guitars but ended up not buying any because the lowest priced acoustic was worth P3,600. Ouch. So we just took pictures. Heeh. We did buy a guitar from a stall near Mactan Shrine. Mahogany, P1,300.

Lunch was at Fredz Sutukil. You get to choose a fish and they will cook it in three ways. Sugba, Tinola, Kilawin = Sutukil. The six of us shared one big fish, which turned out to be enough for us, and ordered additional dishes.

Garlic butter shrimp for me and Johnny. Squid for Jes and Ella. Halaan for Toni. Squid for Cyrus.

Everything, plus eight cups of rice, three fresh buko and cooking charge (yes, and they weren’t upfront with it) cost P1,500. Not bad. We walked out with food-babies again. There are a lot of stalls that sell shell crafts, shirts, accessories and other stuff outside.

Cebu 2012: Day 2 Part 2

We were supposed to go to Jumalon Museum and Butterfly Sanctuary at 2 p.m. but we arrived there at 4.

♫♪ Hair blowin' in the wind, sun glistenin' on the skin...

Prof. Jumaida Jumalon showed us around her late father’s collection.

Some of the things we learned:

1. How to differentiate between moths and butterflies: moths have tapered antennae while butterflies have opposite shape; butterflies fly during the day, moths at night.

2. Male butterflies are smaller and have more beautiful wings. They’re pretty and they are the first to die.

3. Female butterflies are bigger because they carry the eggs. They are also less beautiful to avoid predators.

4. Snakes don’t eat butterflies. Frogs, geckos and crocodiles do.

5. The largest butterfly is Magellanus magellanus.

Jumalon Museum and Butterly Sanctuary

We can’t take pictures at the Jumalon Museum because they’re working on a book about Prof. Julian Jumalon’s life and works. The museum showcases his artworks–bust sculptures, oil paintings and the very interesting lepidomosaic, mosaic made from butterfly wings.

We didn’t expect that the butterfly sanctuary tour would take that long (and that we’d have so much fun). We missed the sunset at Mountain View Nature’s Park. It was around 7 p.m. when we got there.

Mountain View Nature Park

Dinner was at Casa Verde. The place and the food were great. Reasonably priced large servings. The Dax consists of two slices of steak, harvest rice, four breaded shrimps and vegetables, for just P288.

Casa Verde

We carried our food-babies back to our hostel and had a hell of a good time playing Pinoy Henyo. The girls’ team lost and we had to write the boys’ full names in the air using our butts. Hilarious.

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