How to import Android phone contacts to Google/Gmail

by erika

Getting an Android phone last year introduced me to a lot of Google offerings. I follow my favorite websites through Reader. I archive everything in Google Docs. I back-up my photos in Picasa.

I also like saving my contacts in Gmail, so if ever I lose my phone or need to reformat it or other circumstances that would require setting up the contacts again (like buying a new unit, say Galaxy SIII haha), syncing would be a breeze.

At first, I did the saving manually. Then I grew tired and thought, Hey, this is Android, there must be an easy way to import my phone contacts to Gmail.

Searching wasn’t easy, most of the fora concluded that you just have to do it manually. But I did find some helpful tips, and so I came up with this:

1. Search “Contacts Export” in Google Play. The result will show “Contacts / SMS / LOG CSV Export.” Download and install, it’s free.

2. Open the app and tap on “Export contacts.” The contacts will be converted into a .CSV file. You can rename the file, choose where to save it and tinker with other settings.

Contacts Export

I chose the “Outlook” format because it’s one of the formats stated as compatible with Gmail contacts.

3. You can immediately send the file to your e-mail and save the attachment to your desktop.

4. On a desktop, go to your Gmail Contacts and click “More.”

5. On the list, click “Import…” A pop-up box will open. Choose your .CSV file and click “Import.”

And that’s it! You now have your phone contacts saved in Gmail. Just sync your smartphone (or a new one *wink*) with your Google contacts to access them in your phone.